KeincoTech offers management solutions with the core mission to deliver business, risk, organisational and process-related advisory services, targeted at both functional aspects and the implementation of related technologies in the modern Asian markets.

Strategy Solutions

We understand strategy as a science used by leaders to solve problems. Business-wise, this strategy takes the form of an appropriate and intelligible corporate vision that clearly defines the paths chosen by each organisation to maximise the expectations of its clients, employees and shareholders.

This vision must be properly implemented from a tactical and operational standpoint so that it influences the company's day-to-day work.

Due to growing volatility in business environments the above definitions must be very clear and be combined with a high level of practical conception and a large degree of flexibility. The “first level” definitions must be complemented with specific action plans focused on each company's specific possibilities and circumstances.

Sales and Marketing

With the current level of competition in the markets, commercial challenges involve boosting performance by duly customizing the value proposal to the client, together with a substantial improvement in productivity.

Current value proposals delivered to market players require a detailed level of specialisation in the definition of the segment-product-channel trinomial. An adequate control of these variables and solid operating methodologies allowing for constant fine tuning of current definitions are the main challenges at present in the commercial area.

Combining personalisation and efficiency requires developing the ability to convey to the market the perception of a customised offer built on an efficient process that enables the expected profitability of our resources to be maintained.

Success is achieved when the organisational, operational, and technological areas of the company are truly customer-focused, thereby allowing our commercial policies to be operated efficiently.

Risk Management

“RISK”, defines almost all business decision-making: credit, interest rate, exchange rate, operational, liquidity and solvency risks. The current competitive environment exposes all companies, to a greater or lesser extent, to all the above risks.

Regulations applicable to each organisation, based on the industry in which it operates, and net worth structure and its markets, require due compliance with requirements and obligations to third parties.

In order to properly manage risks inherent in any business KeincoTech has developed a multitude of Innovative Risk Management Solutions that are customisable to any business model. This enables you to project, with a high degree of confidence, the level of risk involved allowing management to make more effective business decisions.

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